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Some personal stories of why Jesus called us, where we came from and why most of us are still here.   (Phyllis)

My Jewish mother, Phyllis, came to faith in Jesus while listening to a sermon by Haskell Stone at the First Hebrew Christian Congregation of Detroit, in October of 1958. Of course, she tried to get the rest of her family to believe in Jesus, also. She gave a Bible to one of her younger brothers, David Diskin. I think he pretty much left it unopened. But one day he read Psalm 22 and realized that it was talking about Jesus, and so he came to believe in Jesus, also. He attended the Congregation, until it split up around 1960. After that a large number of people continued meeting in homes. Eventually there was another rift, and the number meeting together dwindled accordingly. But about 6-12 people continued to meet rather faithfully for Bible studies, including my uncle Dave. Occasionally he would fall asleep during the study, while Haskell was teaching. Hask didn't mind, as long as uncle Dave didn't snore. Thus was born Haskell's introduction, "Okay, let's get started. Sleeping is tolerated, but no snoring."
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One of the first "Northwest Fellowship"ers.

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