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Some personal stories of why Jesus called us, where we came from and why most of us are still here.   (Matt)

How Jesus chased me all over metro Detroit. In the fall of 1967 after the hippie drug days of summer I headed back to Henry Ford High. There I encountered former hippies and others wearing pins with a picture of Jesus on it. Being curious i asked Dave Forcene about it. He told me about the house on Mark Twain off Grand River where I could learn about Jesus. Meanwhile between trips to the Grande Ballroom I became involved with the SDS Weatherman. We had meeting in Ferndale and a bomb making workshop on W. Grand Blvd near Michigan Ave. An interesting comment made at one of the meetings was that the only message more powerful than ours was the Jesus Freak house on Mart Train. Me being the curious type I lined up some buddies to go check out this house that had so much power. Well we all took some acid and off we went. We found the house ok and parked right in front. From what I understand that in itself was something that never happened. The 4 of us walked up to the door, there were young women singing and dancing on the porch and behind them was a beacon of light pouring out the front door. I was stopped in my tracks and turned to go back to the car. I told them that they could go in but i would not. So I sat in the car for a couple hours and wondered what happened to my friends. After what seems to be a couple hours i decided to go and rescue my friends. Well I did go in and saw people sitting around talking and some singing. I went into the basement and founds my buddies surrounded my hippies (AKA Smilin Dog and Mike Labadie and I think telling them than if they left tonight and were hit by a bus… hell bound they were. I sat down and started asking questions and the answers made sense. I was apprehensible going in and very skeptical. After that night I could not stop thinking about this Jesus. I still went to the Grande and still hung out with the SDS but the more I delved into these things the more their words haunted me. It was about 3 weeks before Christmas and we would hang around Northland. One of my buddies got arrested for wearing a chain belt. Well we all thought it was wrong so a bunch of us went there to protest. As I got more involved I got up and was shouting about our rights one of Southfields finest tried to take me away. All of a sudden Tommie the Commie jumps on the cops back and yells for me to get out of there. I had just moved back into my parents’ home and once again asked to leave when my Dad saw my picture on the front page of the Detroit News. Years later Ralph told me that the Brothers would go to northland on Saturday to pass out tracts and the Southfield police told them not to come. The “riots” went on for a few weeks and the Southfield police called Ralph and asked him to come back up there. Time went on but I was still haunted by the words that Jesus did love me and the love I was looking for was fake and His was real. On Sunday February 2nd 1969 I went in search of the mark twain house. I had to know more. I found the house and went up to the door and knocked. A young man about my age opened the door and asked what I wanted. I expected more people there but he was the only one there. I told him I wanted what he had. He said all I had to do was pray and ask Jesus into my life and that was it. I prayed with him and asked Jesus to come into my life and was changed at that moment. He gave me a new testament and I left. The next time I went there they had moved to Stansbury and I became a regular there.

(not the end...)