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Some personal stories of why Jesus called us, where we came from and why most of us are still here.   (Haskell)

He was an amazing academic teacher; I had heretofore only known him as my primary bible teacher. Did he do the "no surprises" final exam preview? The class was in shock. So wise, so wonderful. I personally witnessed his one-on-one interactions (from a distance I mean) with several Muslim students who had questions - [what a picture! Lol] - he was always so very kind, patient, approachable, seemingly serene, like a father or grandfather.

You could always tell how much Haskell loved Jesus. You came away with the impression that he was always talking about him, but technically he didn't. The well placed comments, and his love for Jesus, and his certainty made Haskell's faith a constant tangible presence in the room. People couldn't help but be affected by it.

The most important thing Haskell said to me was when he was trying to help me understand God's forgiveness, love and mercy, I was always trying to be perfect for God. The first thing he said was "Lucinda you are forgetting the blood of Jesus". Then he said "It took God a lifetime to turn Jacob into Israel. God didn't give him that name as a young man, he was a very old man". Those words stayed inside of me for about 20 years even after falling away for many years. They came back to me when I recommitted my life to the Lord and they helped me to see that I didn't have to be perfect for God. that the Lord would change me into the person I needed to be, it was not something I could do myself.

I also noticed something over the years, something that ties in to what Haskell seemed to very deliberately NOT teach. He seemed to take VERY seriously his appointment as a teacher of God's Word - there was a discipline, a caution, a reverence, a fear of God, if you will - and he seemed to strive never to cross the line, as best he could and with the Spirit's help. Although he was certainly able and did banter one on one about theologians and their writings if someone approached him, it appeared to be almost more of a private "hobby" than his calling as above; I never heard him publicly mix the two - and I was always struck by that, that he took teaching the Bible so seriously and tried, as best he could, to keep it narrowed to what was clear, to not enter into controversial or speculative extra-biblical thought in a bible teaching setting.

Nicely stated Marcia. I also want to add that Harry, Dave, Tom, Mark and Bob were also very focused on Jesus, Scripture, how to follow Him, obey Him and the Kindom of Heaven. We have been so very fortunate to have not just one but many faithful teachers that not only fafithfully teach us but minister to us and encourage all of us to do the same. Haskell told me when I moved here to just pick a place to go and if they say true things about Jesus AND love one another, stay. If one is missing, leave quickly. Haskell and many more made sure there was and is both.

Three of us, not believers, showed up at Haskell's Wednesday night meeting.... And rang the doorbell.... Awkward. I had never been to a place you could just walk in.

Jesus is Truth. Not a truth but the truth. Jesus is the reality of who God is and the reality of the eternal world. If you want to know who God is all you have to do is know Jesus. Not Christian ideology or the Christian world view or correct doctrine but know Him. Haskel influenced many lives. I listened to him teach hundreds of times. His teaching would wash over me and refresh me. The reason is because he proclaimed Jesus and Jesus' words. Jesus' words are very powerful. They don't just inform but transform. They are not just information but those words are alive. When we hear those words they will have an effect. But hearing these words is not enough. Having them wash over us and refresh us is not enough.We have to take them in. We have to let them take root in our lives and cultivate them and think about them all the time. We cannot let things crowd them out. Not worries or pursuit of what this world has to offer, not our religious activity or ideas about Christianity. Each one of has to go beyond being inspired by Jesus' words to taking those words in and treasuring them, being preoccupied by them and getting to know Him thru those words. If we keep those words (like we keep any valuable) He will unite His life to our life and disclose Himself to us. That is the the greatest treasure anyone could ever have. Haskel found that treasure and sold all he had to pursue it. He wanted us to get that treasure. He was puzzled that Christians spent their time and energy on so many things and issues and causes and missed this most important thing. "Lord, it is good that we are here. Let us build a booth for Christian ideology and the Christian world view and our favorite cause." And the voice from Heaven says " This is my beloved Son, listen to Him". We think Haskel had something very special. Well he did. But Haskel had nothing that we cannot have, he had nothing out of reach of any of us if we pursue it with all we have. He had Jesus and saw Him as the treasure in his life that nothing can out shine. Nothing. The biggest tribute any of us and all of us can give Haskel is to pursue Jesus. To take Jesus words in and let them grow in us and shape us. We need to let Jesus be our teacher. We need to hear His voice above all those voices pretending to proclaim truth. Jesus is the great treasure. He is worth letting everything go to have Him. Haskel showed us that.

Haskel always pointed to Jesus for everything. Jesus was his answer. Roz always encouraged us to have our own individual walk with Jesus. They both lived and reflected the Truth in their lives. A blessing and example to all of us. Jesus always reflected the Love of His Father and pointed us to Him. What great examples for us to live our lives by and for. Jesus is the only way.

Haskell was the best teacher we had and is responsible for helping countless people see Jesus like we had never seen Him before.

Haskell tried so hard to help me. He kept telling me that I was missing the blood of Jesus.(I wanted to be so perfect for Jesus that I couldn't let myself make mistakes) Haskell understood the love & grace that was in the forgiveness that I just couldn't get. He also told me I had to remember that it took God a lifetime to turn Jacob into Israel, He didn't give him that name as a young man, he was a very old man when God named him Jacob. Those are the words that helped save my life many years later......I tell people about him all the time, wishing I could sit at his feet again and listen to him talk about Jesus.

I spent many years fallen away drowning in alcoholism, when I got sober words of Haskel's were some of the first I heard. They were stored in my head waiting for me to be ready to meet the grace & love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Any man that would fill his house up(to overflowing) every single Friday night (for years) with mostly teenagers and early 20's is either crazy or deserves sainthood. Haskell is one of the most amazing people I ever met and he greatly influenced my life in Christ. I look forward to seeing him again in heaven.

When I was seeking Truth, longing for Truth, I asked God to let me know if He was real. One week later I was at the home of Roz and Haskell, knowing no one, I heard Haskell ask the people there 'Why do you believe?" I couldn't wait to hear what they would say, and of course no one said anything. After waiting Haskell shouted 'Because it's true!". Thank you, Jesus for sending me to Haskell who gave me such a clear and alive vision of You.

Haskell was a blessing in our lives for many years. Bob Hoey continually quotes him when he teaches. I am sure many of my own beliefs about Jesus have been formed or confirmed by him. Praise God , He uses some people so effectively and consistantly.

I remember learning from Haskell that it isn't about religion but a relationship with a living God and that Jesus ,Himself was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I have counted it a great honor to have sat under Haskell Stones teaching for many years. He is always alive in my life and memories.

(not the end...)