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Some personal stories of why Jesus called us, where we came from and why most of us are still here.   (Duane)

Still Making Memories I have loved reading all these testimonies of the OLD days.Loved reading yours this morning Marcia before my quiet time.It was a great way to start my day.I was a little late to the party.September 8th 1972.My sister Verna (Kelly)Kemp took me and my wife Ginger (Trudell)Kelley to the basement at Northland Mall to hear Haskell Stone teach.He taught on The Prodigal Son(or as he called it"the parable of the 2 lost boys).20 minutes after he was done, John Kemp lead me to the Lord.Verna lead Ginger to the Lord the next day.God has blessed us way beyond anything I could have ever imagined,in so many ways. But what I really wanted to tell you all,is that the Northwest Fellowship(I think we had to take a legal name when we inherited the chapel on Santa Clara) is still alive and thriving.We meet at the Jon Grant Community center ( and firehouse)at Grand River and Middlebelt.Haskell and Roz,Harry and Di and Chuck Wilkinson have all gone on to be with the Lord.But I think the reason we ,the NWF is still here ,is that they knew that there purpose was to point us toward Jesus and that's what they did.We are blessed to still have some wonderful teachers( Mark Steslicki,Dave Reise,Tom Collins).Bob Bonner (the Holy Spirit really)leads us on Sunday morning.We still sing "God and Man at Table are Sat Down" and "I shall be 'released".That was for you Dawn. Lol. We still baptize people.We have progressed from bathtubs,to lakes and rivers.Or maybe that's not progress.My 2 grandsons were baptized last month,followed by a rousing"I have decided to follow Jesus".We have bible study on Tues. night at Marks and Thurs. night at Tom Collins. Anyway,come on out and see us.You might hear Donna or Paul or Chris Martin sing a solo.You will get a warm welcome.We may embarrass you by giving you a round of appluase.We love to see the old timers.God bless you all.Keep the stories and testimonies coming.,Duane
(not the end...)