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Some personal stories of why Jesus called us, where we came from and why most of us are still here.   (Chuck)

Ruth Gjukich
You really made me smile when you said those things about Chuck. He was quiet and had to put it together as he was saying it but I always walked away with a great message. I think of Matthew 5:5 when I think of Chuck: "Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth."

Joanne Edwards Reise
Speaking of Chuck, I have a little quirky story about me. At the meetings at Chuck's house I sat a lot in the rocking chair by the fireplace. Well one week during the Study I noticed how really clean Chuck's sneakers were. (This MUST have been a spiritual thought - I was at Bible Study after all). They looked old though, in that you could see a bit of fraying around the edges. I decided that I would make a point of checking his shoes out every week to see if he ever wore dirty sneakers at all. I can confidently say he never did at those Meetings. LOL!

Joanne Edwards Reise
Joanne Edwards Reise One more Chuck story: there was a beautiful fish bowl on the coffee table. During study sometimes their cat would be on the table staring at the fish. I kept waiting for him to put his paw in, but he never did. He must have been a believing cat - shunning temptation even when it was staring him in the face.

Anne Gedert
It was either Sambo or Wally
I always felt the presence of the Lord at Uncle Chuck's bible study more so than anywhere else I've ever been when believers were gathered; for realzers !!
First my Dad. Chuck and my Dad grew up with Haskel and Harold Brickner and Gracie Glass. They played together and went to school together
My Dad went to Bob Jones University out of high school while Uncle Chuck went to Pratt. But after a year, my Dad really didn't feel like he had the "calling" to be a minister. My Dad had a few dates with Betty Jane. Then Chuck. They both married Nurses that had family roots in Kentucky. My Grandmother Baize and My Grandmother Wilkinson were friends at Emanual Presbyterian Church in Detroit and Mrs. Kelly (John & Bill, & Ruth's and your wife's Mom) was a younger Christian woman that they mentored in a womans circle there. My Dad joined the army, came home on leave -- told his Mom he was lonely and my Grandma Wilkinson said "let's invite Mrs. Baize's daughter over; 2 weeks later my folks were married -- 60 years. Shortest engagement in history, I think. Aint that sweet! Anyways, I would spend the nite at Uncle Chucks to play with Jill and probably started going to Weds. nite bible study over there when I was 9 or 10. My older teen brother Ken Wilkinson really liked going to Uncle Chuck's bible study. My family went to Dearborn Evangelical Covenant Church (Messiah church is now aligned with Covenant Church) where my Dad was "Sunday School Superintendent" for years. My Dad would have Haskel come and share and sometimes have Paul Henry come and sing a few songs as well. When I was in my 20's, we left the Covenant Church to attend NWF. When my Dad retired from Ford he moved to Florida where he became an Elder at church in Punta Gorda.
So Dave --- your mother in law was both of my Grandma's friends. My Grandma Mary Wilkinson hand knit mittens for the men at the mission for years. Small world! She was a production knitter like a lot of church women during WW2 making mittens for our soldiers. While my Grandma Baize was a REAL Rosie the Riveter putting together airplanes.
The communion server at NWF was given by my Grandma Mary. It's an antique from Southwest Presbyterian Church where most of the congregation from the old Emanuel Presbyterian went to later.

We were blessed with a rare combination of people... They had one thing absolutely in common - they loved Jesus. And gave Him opportunity to speak through them... In word and deed. They were who they were, for better or worse, but all they had they gave to Him. We have been blessed beyond what we think we know!

CATHY SCHOENER When Chuck taught it was like listening to a painting being created by the artist himself. I could always follow him! My favorite "Chuckism" was when he would say "I'm almost done here"...you'd settle in for at least ten more minutes or so!

(not the end...)