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Some personal stories of why Jesus called us, where we came from and why most of us are still here.   (Boulder)

Lawrence Boyle
Dawn, I believe Gene was the original connection to Boulder. He was close friends with Haskell.

Dawn Ulmer
Oh, then that's why R was asked to go out and teach there. We stayed about a month before going on to the Browns in Calif.. In Boulder there was a communal house with Lucinda, Margaret and ??? R, Samuel and I lived with Mickey and Diane Stevens - whom we had met in CA before we ever moved to Detroit. Small world!

Margaret Fake
I stayed at Bill & Marie Brown's near Santa Ynez in the early 70s. My friend Carol and I drove from Boulder to Cali for an adventure, penniless, and must have been given the Brown's address by Dave McKinney. Marie put us up and put us to work shelling walnuts or pecans. Karen Brown Christenson, we must have met then, in 1973; I was the pouty but productive one. Carol feigned illness to get out of shelling nuts. I saw the picture of your lovely mom you posted recently. The back story is that when I was growing up in Lompoc I used to go to the Santa Barbara county fair in Santa Maria. When I was 16 my friend and I stopped at a booth to talk to some cute guys who were passing out gospel tracts. I had been a Christian for maybe 2 days. The tracts were stamped 'God's Thing' with a Boulder address on the back. A few years later I became part of that Boulder fellowship by chance. I didn't remember the tracts or the fair till I was planning that trip with Carol and Dave McKinney told me about Bill & Marie Brown and the county fair booth. I dug out the tracts and we looked at the stamp--just amazed! Apparently Bill Mamo was one of the cute guys. Probably Tommy Brown and Louie Seta were there too. Recalling this makes me picture an Amtrak route with just 3 stations marked, and connected by a red line: Detroit, Boulder, Santa Barbara county. The Jesus Freak Ltd. or The Sonshine Special. Salt Shaker? Glory-Bound. Most of you took the westbound route while I took the eastbound.

Paul Baunhofer
I actually had never been to Michigan and heard Haskell speak for a week in Boulder. He mentioned the need for laborers in the harvest in Detroit. He said we have had a lot of brothers feel led to Colorado but none that came to Detroit. My life was never the same as thats exactly where God wanted me. Many thanks to the Stones, Browns, and Martins. They lined up housing and a job for me. I didn't know anybody in Detroit but have made friends for life.
The main connection between Detroit and Boulder was Haskell Stone and Gene Thomas. Gene had a ministry I believe that was involved with inter varsity and had meeting several times a week at his house. Lots of students from Colorado University and street people came to the meetings. Haskell would come out to teach for a week about Jesus. There was standing room only when he was there. This was 1973. I also think Tom Brown was one of the first from Detroit to move to Boulder.

Charlyn Davidson
On our nomad trip to where ever we were going to go out west, in 1970, the 6 of us started out with Boulder in sight ( we had California as our final destination.) We stayed for 6 weeks. Truth be told I felt at home. I felt like I had found my people. Really hippie Christians I wanted to stay. Oh well off I went with the others headed to the mountains and searching for old faithful. Beans and rice and bologna sandwiches to feed ourselves. It was an interesting trip. Gene Thomas was a great guy. We all stayed in little apartments almost carved into the mountain if I remember right. It was quite fun. Climbing parts of the great continental divide. Snow on the mountains in June. That was a fun trip when you look back at it.
I can barely remember. Steve and Jan (were deemed in charge by Ralph) the married couple to watch us single children. Chris Morris, Marilyn And Mike and me. I think. Oh boy my vitamins haven't kicked in yet.

Charlyn Davidson
Why did we go . Oh yea we were running away from the bomb throwing mom, lol. No bomb just enough nerve to stand up to a tyrant. I think Ralph had an idea to have west cost house, that's why we're were headed to Bill and Marie Browns. I don't know for sure . I was a blinding following the crowd, and a girl so not privy to the details. It was a lot of the Holy Spirit will guide us. It was some parts fun, some difficult and a great adventure. I enjoyed it looking back.

Dawn Ulmer
I never heard that plan, ever. Looking back, I do know that R found a free or the cheapest place to land. Stansbury was free, Vinewood - the brothers worked, Calif. Browns - free, Allegan free, Scotts Mill Park free rent, on through my life even though people had moved on - for the next 35 years there is a history of houses which were NOT safe to live in, cold, dirty. It was my task to make a home and sometimes that was VERY difficult since R rarely submitted to the authority of a boss for any kind of income. Thus, DIFFICULT for a wife and kids. I would NOT want to re-live a minute of it!!!! Except Mark Twain House when GOD was very present...and then things went off the rails from there on. Sorry, OLD, sometimes the truth is painful and I refuse to sugar coat any of it

Margaret Kruger Carey
We went to Boulder to help with the outreach there, because as was mentioned, Gene Thomas had a ministry to the hippies. I don't remember a lot of the details of what we did. The women were usually in the house cooking and cleaning. I do remember that that is where John proposed. God spoke to him while up in the mountains to marry me. That must've been 71 because the previous year we went to Calif directly. The summer of 70 we first went to Huntington beach and stayed with Mickey and Diana and their daughter Maranatha. They lived on the beach in a surfer house. I remember the guys trying to surf. That was a very cool, very spiritual place. For what ever reason, I remember being rebuked by an 'older' sister there for asking her how long she had been a Christian. She said, "long enough to know not to ask." I was humbled! Then we went on up to the Browns where we stayed for the summer. There we often went into Solvang and the little park there looking for hippie kids we could share with. I remember having devotions in the family room with everyone and Bill would share beautiful things from the work.I think we also went to the fair. We had a booth and passed out God's Thing booklets. Was that in Solvang? Anyone remember?

Margaret Kruger Carey
Back to 1971, after Boulder we traveled on to the Browns because Lee Kierdorf and Ellen were getting married and they wanted us to be in their wedding. Check the picture posted elsewhere to see who all came. Louie and Tommy were with that group. JOhn and I decided to get married at the same time as Lee and Ellen so it became a double wedding. Both of us couples decided to stay in Calif after we got married. The rest of the gang headed back to Detroit. I don't know if they dropped off Louie and Tommy or if they returned later. Don't know anything after we parted ways with everyone 123
(not the end...)